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Civil Aviation Security Awareness Course
Levels 13 and 14

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The course is taught in Portuguese or English

The training lasts 4 hours and can be done in person or online.

The Civil Aviation Security Awareness Courses aim to make trainees aware of the importance of civil aviation security, safeguarding and protecting facilities, equipment, people and property, acting both to prevent acts of unlawful interference and to deal with possible risk situations or security threats. The training is intended to meet the requirements set out in the National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme, in accordance with the "Civil Aviation Security Awareness Action" course programme drawn up by ANAC, Facilitation and Security (FALSEC).

Civil Aviation Security training is structured on two levels:


Level 13 - Training for people who are neither passengers nor carrying out security checks, but need unescorted access to security restricted areas;


Level 14 - Training for people who do not carry out security checks and need general security awareness training, namely:


Employees of air carriers, recognised or known suppliers of in-flight supplies, who have access to in-flight supplies; 


Employees of recognised suppliers of airport supplies who have access to airport supplies.

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